Feet Hurt While Standing at Work All Day?

Stand all day for your job? Do your feet kill you by the end of your shift? Wear compression stockings while at work to relieve the pain. You can buy fashionable ones to go with your outfit/uniform, or buy sheer ones to make it look like you are not wearing anything. For men, we have compression socks that look like your normal trouser socks. No one will ever have to know you are wearing compression stockings that are good for you. Call us toll free (855) 835-3544 to order. Your feet will thank you!




Do You or Someone You Know Have Diabetes?

diabetic socks

Do you have diabetes? Or do you know someone with diabetes? We have really comfortable diabetic compression socks for men and women. They look like plain white cotton socks, but they are good for you with medical grade compression in them. They will increase your circulation and make your feet feel better too! Call to order toll free (855) 835-3544 or check them out online at http://www.allaboutcompression.com/mens/170-sigvaris-diabetic-men.html


Fashionable Leggings with Compression

Fashionable compression stockings   Fashionable Compression   juzo leggingsLeggings are in! Why not wear colorful leggings that have compression in them. Then you kill 2 birds with one stone; looking fashionable and increasing your circulation in your legs. Juzo makes leggings in all different colors and even tie dye. Check out our Facebook post or YouTube video about them. Or you can go directly to our website to see all the options. Call us toll free (855) 835-3544 to order your first pair, so we can make sure you get the right size.




Remembering 9/11

We probably all remember where we were 13 years ago today. I remember feeling like time had stopped and the world was ending. Just the thought of that day, brings tears to my eyes and chills to my entire body. I can’t imagine what the families directly affected by the tragedy felt like that day and still feel like. I can only hope that with each passing year, the pain lessens for them. I know we are all thankful for all of the heroes that helped on that tragic day.

So today, we remember…

September 11th, 2001    usa flags for 911   twin towers tribute in light

More photos and information at http://www.911memorial.org/tribute-light

Runner, Cyclist or Triathlete?

Are you a runner, cyclist or Triathlete? Wear what the professionals do…CEP sports compression gear.Boston Marathon Winner

Athletes everywhere are wearing compression because they have found them to increase performance and circulation. They say you will have more energy, increased coordination and greater endurance when wearing graduated compression socks while exercising. CEP says your muscles and joints will be stabilized, which reduces the risk of injury when wearing their socks. Check out all of the colors they come in at www.allaboutcompression.com or call us to order toll free 855-835-3544.

CEP athletic compression socks




Prevent Blood Clots when traveling…

Traveling soon? Wear graduated compression socks or stockings to prevent blood clots on your next airplane or car ride. Compression stockings increase circulation and pump your blood back up to your heart. So you won’t get swollen legs, ankles or feet. They also make your legs feel great. Make your next trip a pleasant one without swollen ankles or tired heavy legs. Call us to order toll free (855) 835-3544 or visit us online at  http://www.allaboutcompression.com/

Midnight blue compression hose  Sigvaris mens compression sockSigvaris thigh high compression stockings

Fashionable compression stockings