Traveling for the Holidays? What you NEED to Know


When traveling by car or airplane, do you get swollen ankles and/or feet? Do your legs feel tired, heavy or do you get cramps in them? Have you ever had a blood clot?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, then graduated compression socks, aka travel socks, need to be the next purchase you make before your trip. Graduated compression socks help pump the blood that is pooling in your ankles from prolonged sitting, back up towards your heart. It will increase circulation and prevent swelling in your legs and feet. Medical-grade graduated compression stockings also prevent blood clots/DVT’s. Everyone traveling for 4 hours or more on an airplane is at risk for a blood clot. So, protect yourself by wearing graduated compression socks on your next trip. Your legs and feet will thank you! Call us toll free (855) 835-3544 today to order your next pair of travel socks.

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Video from Sonoran Living Live Show about Compression Stockings

Check out the video from ABC’s Sonoran Living Live today that we did with Morrison Vein Institute. We talked about how to keep your legs healthy and look fashionable all at the same time. With holiday travel just around the corner, compression stockings should be on the top of your mind. They will prevent blood clots and swelling in your legs and ankles when you travel. Call us toll free (855) 835-3544 to order your travel socks. If you have varicose veins, a history of blood clots, or vein problems in your legs, call Morrison Vein Institute toll free 866-GRT-LEGS(478-5347).

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ABC’s Sonoran Living Show Live Tomorrow

Sonoran Living We will be on ABC’s Sonoran Living Live tomorrow 9-10am talking about fashionable compression stockings and why everyone should wear them. Everyone traveling 4 hours or more, is at risk of a blood clot. So, by wearing compression stockings, you can prevent blood clots and reduce swelling in your legs when traveling. Tune in to learn more and to see all of the newest styles and colors of the season.

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