Our Colorful Compression Stocking Store in Arizona

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Do you live in Arizona? We have a storefront where you can come see all of the hundreds of colors and styles of compression stockings we have available. We sell compression stockings, arm and leg sleeves, compression gloves, athletic compression socks, purses, hats and jewelry. We carry many brands of compression garments including Juzo, Mediven, Jobst, Sigvaris and RejuvaHealth. So, we have something for every BODY. Call us to make an appointment today at 602-426-1984.

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RejuvaHealth Compression Available Now!

argyle socks

We now carry RejuvaHealth Fashionable Compression Leg Wear. Now you can be fashion forward and wear something that is good for your body and health. Check out all of the great patterns and styles from argyle to floral to workout leggings. Can you believe that all of these are considered compression stockings? It’s true!!

floral thigh highsfloral socks

rejuva health pattern sockssheer dot thigh highs


Call us to order yours today toll free 855-835-3544.


New Year. New You!

new year new youDid you make a New Year’s resolution? Did you make new goals for 2015? Was your resolution to eat better, exercise more, make more money, save more money, or all of the above? How is it going so far? If you are like most people, you will set a New Year’s resolution and/or lofty goals, then start to lose momentum after the first month or two. Why not set monthly goals? At the end of each month, set your goal for the following month, then it may not feel so overwhelming and you will probably reach the goals.

Maybe your goal for next month could be taking care of yourself better. If you are healthy and happy, life will be better all around. Treat your body like it’s your best friend. It will treat you the same way back.