Sports and Compression

One of our own from All About Compression, Natalie Davis, flaunts her CEP athletic compression socks during her many sports events!  This weekend, she rocked her compression socks on the slopes at Snow Bowl with all of her ASU buddies!

ski trip.jpg
Snow Bowl, a popular ski resort in Flagstaff, Arizona, was taken over by the many ASU students that came up for their annual Barrett Ski trip on Friday, February 20, 2016.

Natalie says that, “while I was on the mountain, I felt the best I have ever felt while snowboarding!  I had a great group of friends that I went with, and wearing the compression socks made me feel so good, I had a ton of energy, and I didn’t feel completely zonked by the end of the day.  I always had trouble in the past making it back to the slopes after lunch, but wearing these compression socks really helped me have the energy to keep going and feel good while doing it!” Compression is known to be very helpful to athletes during recovery to help with swelling, but it is also a great tool to use during exercise to help with circulation.

Natalie also sports her compression socks during her intramural flag football games!  Compression garments are great to wear during any sports activity, especially those with high emphasis on cardio!  Natalie says, “I am not a runner, but while wearing compression, I feel like I can go all day during our games!”

compression and football
Natalie’s team, the Longsnappers, is a coed team in the competitive division.


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