Ted Hose Vs. Graduated Compression

“Oh, I’ve used compression socks before, I’ve used Ted hose.” – misinformed individual.  

The common misconception about graduated compression socks in today’s world is that it is classified under anti-embolism stockings.  Ted hose, a commonly used stocking for patients that have been through surgery, do not work the same as graduated compression stockings.

Anti-Embolism Stockings, otherwise referred to as Ted Hose, are designed for patients that are bed-ridden.  It is most commonly used by patients in nursing homes and post-surgical patients to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (Choosing Between Anti-Embolism & Compression.  Juzo).  Anti-embolism stockings offer the minimal amount of compression, which is 8-18 mmHg, and only work when the patient’s leg is elevated.  The way that anti-embolism stockings are designed is to have a concentration of compression at the bottom of the stocking and at the top of the stocking, not in the middle portion.

Graduated Compression Stockings are used for therapeutic reasons for patients when they are not able to have their legs elevated.  The stockings are designed to have most of the compression concentrated at the ankles and it decreases while scaling up the leg, enabling the blood to be pumped back towards the heart.  They are designed to compliment any lifestyle, from athletes to the general public and even for patients who are immobile. They help reduce swelling in the legs and aide in the prevention of blood clots.

What to take away?

  • Ted Hose are mostly used for patients that have gone through surgery, but they should switch over to compression stockings once they are in recovery. Ted=Bed
  • Compression stockings compliment all lifestyles and work well for everyone.

    Ted vs compression
    Compression Therapy

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