Summer Packing List

Are you going anywhere this summer?  Planning a long road trip, or maybe going to visit your Aunt in Ireland?  Or you could be going to your favorite niece’s graduation ceremony coming up in May?  Did you start your to-do and/or packing lists yet?


Wearing compression socks/stockings is a must when traveling, especially if you are going to be in the car or on a plane for long durations at a time, to aide in the prevention of blood clots. So, make sure compression socks are on your lists. If you don’t have any yet, call us at (855)-835-3544 to get your socks today!

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Spring is Here!

It’s about that time of the year again! Dun… dun… duuunnnnn!  Summer is around the corner, and the run from the car air conditioning to the house air conditioning is becoming more obvious with each passing day. But when it comes to your compression gear, don’t fret!  Medi sent us this really cute picture that reminded us to tell you about all of our options in open toe sheer compression stockings that BREATHE! There are some great styles that will really make your legs feel better without the heat constraints!  


So don’t toss out your compression gear when the heat waves roll in, switch to our sheer compression.  They even come in spring colors that just became available from Juzo! Liven up your wardrobe with colors like Mardi Gras Purple, Cosmo Blue, and Copper Peach! Call today and place your order at (602)-426-1984!