Personal and Professional Development

No matter what your job title is, we all should be investing in our own personal and professional development. We owe it to ourselves and the people that depend on us to grow and better ourselves.

I was fortunate enough to attend “Keys to Business Success,” by Jodi Low at U & Improved. WOW, WOW, WOW! Jodi hit the nail on the head with this workshop. Besides being dynamic, engaging and inspiring, Jodi gave us a laundry list of take-aways to use in our lives. So, I thought I would share her wisdom with you. Here is a portion of the list she gave us(along with my interpretation of it):

  1. “Love the F-word.” No, not that one. Failure. Use it as a tool to move forward and do it quickly.
  2. “Keep moving the finish line.” Keep improving. What are you doing to move it forward everyday.
  3. “Learn how to transfer trust to others.” No, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Trust that others can accomplish the tasks at hand too.
  4. “See things as they are, not worse.” Then see it better than it is. Then go get it.
  5.  “Get out of no-man’s land.” Don’t stay in the rut you are in. Change what is not working.
  6.  “Seek fulfillment.” Too many people focus on achieving something and chasing the carrot, rather than what fulfills them. Do stuff you love. Be with people that make you happy.
  7. “Decide what you are committed to.” Choose to be outstanding in everything you are committed to. Don’t do the stuff you no longer stand for.
  8. “Develop your people.” Have conversations/lunch with them. What books are they reading. What classes are you sending them to. Invest in them. It will come back 10-fold.
  9. “Be open to changing your approach.” Notice what’s working and what’s not. There is not just one right way.
  10. “Build real relationships.” Break up with the idea of being perfect and proper. Be real and authentic. Be true to yourself.
  11. “Take care of you.” You have to have gas in your tank if you want to get anywhere. Fill your tank. Exercise, eat healthy, go to the spa, sleep in once in awhile.

This is just some of the golden nuggets Jodi gave us in just 90 minutes today. I can’t thank her enough. I am inspired, energized and ready to rock-n-roll.

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Marketing & Branding 101

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Whether or not you have marketing and/or branding in your title, we are all marketing ourselves and our company, aren’t we? How do you present yourself to others? Do you have a smile on your face every time you answer the phone or greet someone? Does your appearance match what you want your brand to look like?

We should think about the answers to these questions every time we have a meeting with a client, interview(as the interviewee or interviewer), presentation, or even post something online. We are always marketing ourselves whether we know it or not. We are building our brand one post and/or meeting at a time.

When I consult with clients about marketing, I ask them who their target audience/ideal client is. Then I ask if that audience looks them up online, what will they find. I say “If they can’t find you where they are looking, then you don’t exist.” Even if your business solely comes from referral, you still need an online presence. It helps prospects become clients. It gets people to buy in. People do business with people they know, like and trust.

How are you marketing and branding yourself?