Life is Too Short; Why Not Be Happy


I recently closed my business and am in the process of looking for a new career. When talking with people about this process, they often ask why? new-year-new-you

My answer: “Life is too short. I want to do so many things in life. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. I want to make a bigger splash than what I can do alone. I want to always be happy.” Most people respond with a “wow” or “good for you.” I think it’s because most people are afraid of change or the unknown, and I am not. I hope to be an example for others in this process.
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My goal is to work for a company whose core values are aligned with mine. I want to find a company that I can grow with, help and be a part of their success. I am applying for senior-level sales and marketing positions at organizations that have a mission and vision I believe in. A few examples are…Carvana, GoDaddy, Dignity Health, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I am sure I will find more along the way.

Cheers to finding your happy place…

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Giving Back

group-pic-from-united-food-bank-volunteer-eventDuring the holiday season or as the year comes to a close, we are all reminded to give back. Most non-profits push for tax donations at the end of the year, or do food drives for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But what about the rest of the year? People are in need year-round and there will always be people that are less fortunate than we are. So, as a family, we have made it a priority to give back year-round. We stuffed backpacks with United Food Bank last year. As you saw on my last post, we helped Elliot’s Closet with a clothing drive for kids going back to school. Over the holidays, we adopted a home thru The Centers for Habilitation/TCH for people with disabilities. We also donated to Kyrene Schools, Arizona Autism United, Tempe Chamber of Commerce and the 100 Club of Arizona as we are passionate about what they do.tch-adopt-a-home-program

So, as you are preparing your taxes for the year, remember to include donations to your favorite charities. They need it!

Here are a few links to my favorite charities, just in case you don’t have your own…


Elliot’s Closet Community Service Event

IMG_6032              Joshua and I

One of the non-profit’s All About Compression supports is Elliot’s closet. They believe every child deserves to feel good going back to school. So they put on a fun summer event where kids get to come “shopping for back-to-school clothes” for free. They collect new and gently used clothing all year long, then set up a store in July for underprivileged kids to use fake money and purchase clothes they like from the store. This event promoted fun, education, dignity and pride to Arizona kids. We were happy to be a part of this great organization and event. Here are a few stats from the event…1412 items of clothing collected, 420 pairs of new socks & 300 pieces of new underwear donated, and shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and healthy snacks given out to kids ranging from 4-12yrs old.

IMG_6034        IMG_6038  IMG_6756IMG_6040

IMG_6738Joshua helping organize


Sports and Compression

One of our own from All About Compression, Natalie Davis, flaunts her CEP athletic compression socks during her many sports events!  This weekend, she rocked her compression socks on the slopes at Snow Bowl with all of her ASU buddies!

ski trip.jpg
Snow Bowl, a popular ski resort in Flagstaff, Arizona, was taken over by the many ASU students that came up for their annual Barrett Ski trip on Friday, February 20, 2016.

Natalie says that, “while I was on the mountain, I felt the best I have ever felt while snowboarding!  I had a great group of friends that I went with, and wearing the compression socks made me feel so good, I had a ton of energy, and I didn’t feel completely zonked by the end of the day.  I always had trouble in the past making it back to the slopes after lunch, but wearing these compression socks really helped me have the energy to keep going and feel good while doing it!” Compression is known to be very helpful to athletes during recovery to help with swelling, but it is also a great tool to use during exercise to help with circulation.

Natalie also sports her compression socks during her intramural flag football games!  Compression garments are great to wear during any sports activity, especially those with high emphasis on cardio!  Natalie says, “I am not a runner, but while wearing compression, I feel like I can go all day during our games!”

compression and football
Natalie’s team, the Longsnappers, is a coed team in the competitive division.


Be Happy


all about compression challenge.jpgHappy thoughts… happy thoughts… they make a real difference in your every day life. But happy thoughts are not the only tools used to construct a happy demeanor; there are other methods and actions you can take to help yourself maintain a positive outlook.

Try making a list of THREE good things that happened each day for a period of two weeks.  The more energy focused on what is positive in your life, the happier you will feel (Paige Roberts).

Check out the article listed below to learn more about what YOU can do to embrace positivity in your life.

The Power of the Positive

And She Shall Eat Chocolate



The heart wants what the heart wants, ask any women, and she’ll say she wants chocolate this Valentine’s Day.  I wonder why this is?  Could it be because chocolate is delicious and melts in your mouth.  Well yes.  But could it also be because chocolate has a greater purpose for your body?  YES. Dark chocolate has been proven to help with circulatory health, according to Everyday Health article listed below.

Did you know?  Pregnant women who eat dark chocolate every day can improve the circulatory health for both their babies and themselves! According to Everyday Health, 

“Pregnant women who nibble just a small piece of chocolate each day may improve the circulatory health of their unborn child, a new study suggests.  The tiny treat may also reduce the risk for preeclampsia, a potentially deadly condition in which a pregnant woman with normal blood pressure suddenly develops dangerously high blood pressure”.

So while you are considering what to get for Valentine’s day, treat your tastebuds and your body with some love and get yourself dark chocolate!  Also, don’t forget to wear  your compression stockings to help with circulatory health as well!  They’ll help you feel rejuvenated, and trust me, your legs with thank you!

colorful stockings

Check out the article posted below to learn more about the health benefits of eating chocolate during pregnancy.

Daily Bit of Chocolate in Pregnancy May Help Mom, Baby

Love Your Legs


Love is in the air… it’s Valentine’s season! Make sure you pass along the love to your lovely legs!  Feel confident and sexy showing off your legs while wearing one of our many different styles of compression stockings.


At All About Compression, we pride ourselves on presenting our customers with fashionable alternatives to your grandma’s stockings!   Our store provides a wide range of styles that you can select from including sheer, opaque, tie die, and more!

microfiber mens knee highs

Men can be spoiled too!  With the softest fabrics and cushioned soles, your feet will be in paradise after wearing our compression socks!


All About Compression sells the best of the best for your legs, using a wide variety of sizes in order to ensure your stockings are a custom fit.  Variety, quality, custom-like fit, what more could you ask for?! Call us today at (855)-835-3544 to find yourself a pair of stockings that your legs will LOVE!