Feel Your Best When Traveling

Traveling can be hard on your body, especially when you find yourself flying for long distances at a time.  Make sure you are taking the right precautionary steps to avoid jet lag, bloating, dehydration, and leg swelling; it is also highly recommended that you wear compression stockings to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis.  There are a lot of different tips that we found interesting from the article listed below!

Combat the Effects of Jet Lag, Dehydration and Bloating

2016 Hottest Trends

Are you looking for new ways to get in shape and stay healthy for 2016?  Here’s a great article we came across and would love to share with all of our readers!  Check out this article written by Fox News about the newest trends in the fitness world including the hottest diets, types of exercise, and gym lingo!

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Looking for a New Years Resolution

New year, new you!  Everyone’s obsessing over picking the trendiest diet and finding the best fitness challenges in order to shed their winter weight, but no one should neglect their health!

Fitness and health work together to create a balanced lifestyle that can make you feel like an entirely new person!  While running or walking, try wearing CEP or Sigvaris performance socks to help increase the blood flow and circulation during exercise.  We have an assortment of colors and styles including our performance socks displayed below.

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Compression socks help your veins to do their best job pumping your blood back up to your heart and leave you feeling more energized, it’s a win-win for health and wellness!  Do yourself and your legs the biggest favor and call our store toll-free at (855) 835-3544 and order yourself a pair today!  Also, check out our All About Compression Challenge!

Do birth control pills cause varicose veins?

Great blog post about varicose veins and vein disease from world-renowned vein doctor.

Morrison Vein's Blog


More than 12 million U.S. women take birth control pills. Some studies have linked vein disease and birth control use, but one local expert suggests there’s more to the subject than the dramatic headlines it produces.

“Prescription medicines can affect everyone differently. As a medical professional, when dealing with this topic, it’s important to take into consideration other patient symptoms and health concerns, too,” said Nick Morrison, MD, world-renowned phlebologist and founder of Morrison Vein Institute in Scottsdale, Ariz. READ MORE…


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Our Colorful Compression Stocking Store in Arizona

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Do you live in Arizona? We have a storefront where you can come see all of the hundreds of colors and styles of compression stockings we have available. We sell compression stockings, arm and leg sleeves, compression gloves, athletic compression socks, purses, hats and jewelry. We carry many brands of compression garments including Juzo, Mediven, Jobst, Sigvaris and RejuvaHealth. So, we have something for every BODY. Call us to make an appointment today at 602-426-1984.

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