Struggling with How to Fit Compression Stockings into your Wardrobe?

Are you struggling with the fact that you have to wear compression stockings/socks everyday per doctors orders, but have no idea how to fit it into your wardrobe? Well we are here to help. Don’t fret for one more minute. We have thousands of styles, fabrics and colors to fit everyone’s body and wardrobe. Call us to get some today 602-426-1984. Here are a few examples of how to wear them…

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Summer is here, the heat waves are rolling in, and your discomfort levels may be off the charts!  BUT WE HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!  We offer open toe sheer compression socks/stockings for your swollen feet and legs. We also carry belly bands and V2 supporters that help with pelvic pain.


It is very important that you stay hydrated, and wear compression to help with any leg or ankle swelling.  ALSO: If you are planning to go on early morning runs this summer, make sure that you are wearing v2 supporters/belly bands, paying attention to your heart rate, and DO NOT let yourself overheat (It’s You Babe).  It is very important to be mindful of your limits by listening to your body, and understanding what you can handle.

Last reminder: be conscious of your risk of blood clots.  According to everydayHealth, pregnant woman are “6 times more likely to get life-threatening blood clots” (Bowers).  In order to help lower the risk, it is important that you drink a lot of water (once again), wear compression stockings (never forget!), keep moving (avoid the sedentary lifestyle), and finally, make sure to get up during travel.

Call All About Compression today to order V2 supporters, Belly Bands, and an assortment of compression stockings to maximize your health and comfort: (855)-835-3544.

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Guide to Compression

Are you new to wearing compression, or have you owned compression gear and felt that it cost more than it was worth?  The benefits of wearing compression will only be revealed to the wearer if they are following these 5 rules:

1.) Make sure you are wearing the right size- get measured!


At All About Compression, we do our best to fit each patient in the right sizes for their body, accounting for the length of their legs, the circumference of their calves and ankles, and the shoe size of the wearer. The best way to ensure daily compliance- which is rule number 2!

2.) The more you wear it, the better you feel.

sigvaris-cotton-men-calfCompression stockings/socks are no use to you sitting in your sock drawer. If you are going to invest in compression gear, wearing it daily, whether you are on your feet all day, or sitting at your office desk, they will make your legs feel so much better.

3.) Do NOT wear your compression while asleep unless instructed to for surgical purposes.


Unless you get specific instructions from your provider to wear your compression gear while you are asleep, it is not good for you to wear them when your feet and your heart are at the same level.  Compression works to pump the blood back up to your heart to help work against gravity and increase circulation in your body, this is unnecessary when you are not working against gravity.

4.) Don’t settle; there are options!

Think about the colors, the patterns, the comfort of the different choices available to you!  Why settle for the drugstore brand compression stockings that will be itchy, lose their compression faster, and leave you wishing you never bought them, when you could find a pair that complements you and makes your legs sing with joy!

5.) Remember to love your body and give it the help it needs.




Summer Packing List

Are you going anywhere this summer?  Planning a long road trip, or maybe going to visit your Aunt in Ireland?  Or you could be going to your favorite niece’s graduation ceremony coming up in May?  Did you start your to-do and/or packing lists yet?


Wearing compression socks/stockings is a must when traveling, especially if you are going to be in the car or on a plane for long durations at a time, to aide in the prevention of blood clots. So, make sure compression socks are on your lists. If you don’t have any yet, call us at (855)-835-3544 to get your socks today!

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Spring is Here!

It’s about that time of the year again! Dun… dun… duuunnnnn!  Summer is around the corner, and the run from the car air conditioning to the house air conditioning is becoming more obvious with each passing day. But when it comes to your compression gear, don’t fret!  Medi sent us this really cute picture that reminded us to tell you about all of our options in open toe sheer compression stockings that BREATHE! There are some great styles that will really make your legs feel better without the heat constraints!  


So don’t toss out your compression gear when the heat waves roll in, switch to our sheer compression.  They even come in spring colors that just became available from Juzo! Liven up your wardrobe with colors like Mardi Gras Purple, Cosmo Blue, and Copper Peach! Call today and place your order at (602)-426-1984!

Prevent DVT

deep vein thrombosis pic

As we come to the end of National Blood Clot Awareness Month, we wanted to provide one more reminder to wear compression in order to avoid developing Deep Vein Thrombosis.  Prevention is the key: wear compression stockings or compression socks when traveling on airplanes or driving on road trips to aid in the prevention of blood clots!

It is very important to understand that Deep Vein Thrombosis is a very serious condition that dramatically affects a large portion of the population within the United States.  According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), blood clots are responsible for 60,000 deaths annually within the United States, and 25% of those deaths were not aware that they even had a blood clot. Protect yourself and take precautionary action to prevent blood clots from forming by wearing compression socks or stockings.

Are you confused about Deep Vein Thrombosis and how it forms in your body?  Click on the link below to learn more about it through a video diagram that walks you through the process: How DVT Forms.




Got Varicose Veins? Spider Veins?

50% of women.  25% of men.  What do the two of these groups have in common?  Both of them suffer from vein and women

What is vein disease?

According to Morrison Vein Institute, “veins are supposed to pump the blood in the legs back to the heart. But with vein disease, also referred to as venous insufficiency, the blood cannot get pumped back up to the heart properly causing blood pooling and a cascade of events over time” (Vein Disease Equals Varicose and Spider Veins article). Spider veins and varicose veins are symptoms of vein disease. There are actions that can be taken to minimize the effects of vein disease such as wearing compression stockings/socks, exercising regularly, and having a vein doctor treat your veins.

Learn more about preventative care by clicking on the article below!


Vein Disease Equals Varicose and Spider Veins