Colorful Compression Stockings! What?!?!

juzo spring colors 2015

Check out the new colors that Juzo compression garments come in this season. You can get knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose, leggings and/or compression arm sleeves in any of these beautiful colors. Yes, these come in medical-grade compression garments. They also can be tie dye. Call us to order your favorite color today toll free 855-835-3544 or check them out on our website at


Spooky Cool Compression Stockings

tie dye compression leggings Orange tie dye compression leggingsOrange compressionDon’t be spooked. Those are just really fashionable Juzo compression stockings that happen to be perfect for Halloween. Yes, I said compression stockings. Can you believe you can wear something that is fashionable and good for your circulation all at the same time? It’s true! Now, you will never have to buy the gross-looking ones that everyone thinks of when they hear “compression stockings.” Call us toll-free 855-835-3544 to get your favorite color or style of compression stockings today.                 Red compression stockings Purple compression stockings Midnight blue compression stockings