Are You a Doctor Who Treats Veins? We Can Help

compliance issuesAre you having compliance issues when it comes to patients wearing compression stockings? Are you constantly hearing complaints about compression stockings? Can you imagine if your patients actually liked wearing their compression stockings? Compliance would go way up and their results from vein treatment would be a whole lot better. Then you would be happy and the patient would be too.

With the proper size and type of garment, graduated compression stockings can be comfortable. They also can be fashionable; yes we said fashionable. Several of the compression stocking manufacturers have figured out the perfect combination of comfort and fashion. There are so many more options for patients to choose from now, that everyone should be able to find something that fits their lifestyle and body.

Graduated compression garments come in knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose, leggings and shorts. There is everything from argyle socks to sheer knee highs to men’s trouser-looking thigh highs to tie dye pantyhose that look like tights and everything in between. Provide your patients with all of these options or a place like our store that does, and you will be a hero!

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Spooky Cool Compression Stockings

tie dye compression leggings Orange tie dye compression leggingsOrange compressionDon’t be spooked. Those are just really fashionable Juzo compression stockings that happen to be perfect for Halloween. Yes, I said compression stockings. Can you believe you can wear something that is fashionable and good for your circulation all at the same time? It’s true! Now, you will never have to buy the gross-looking ones that everyone thinks of when they hear “compression stockings.” Call us toll-free 855-835-3544 to get your favorite color or style of compression stockings today.                 Red compression stockings Purple compression stockings Midnight blue compression stockings

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink ribbonOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Early detection and treatment save lives. Check out some of the great websites we found with tons of information on prevention, early detection, symptoms, and treatments… or and

If you suffer from arm and/or hand swelling post cancer tx, Juzo makes great compression sleeves and gloves. Check out all of their options at then call us to order at toll free (855) 835-3544.

soft compression sleeve       dream sleeve by juzo

Fashionable Leggings with Compression

Fashionable compression stockings   Fashionable Compression   juzo leggingsLeggings are in! Why not wear colorful leggings that have compression in them. Then you kill 2 birds with one stone; looking fashionable and increasing your circulation in your legs. Juzo makes leggings in all different colors and even tie dye. Check out our Facebook post or YouTube video about them. Or you can go directly to our website to see all the options. Call us toll free (855) 835-3544 to order your first pair, so we can make sure you get the right size.

Welcome to our Blog!

We are excited to be a part of the blogging community. At All About Compression, we strongly believe in education, public awareness, and customer/patient empowerment. So we decided to start a blog to share all of our knowledge about graduated compression stockings, athletic socks, compression sleeves, and the benefits of wearing them. We will also share other information we find about topics such as Blood Clots, circulation, diabetes, vein disease, pregnancy, health and wellness. We welcome questions, comments and feedback. We look forward to sharing.

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