Guide to Compression

Are you new to wearing compression, or have you owned compression gear and felt that it cost more than it was worth?  The benefits of wearing compression will only be revealed to the wearer if they are following these 5 rules:

1.) Make sure you are wearing the right size- get measured!


At All About Compression, we do our best to fit each patient in the right sizes for their body, accounting for the length of their legs, the circumference of their calves and ankles, and the shoe size of the wearer. The best way to ensure daily compliance- which is rule number 2!

2.) The more you wear it, the better you feel.

sigvaris-cotton-men-calfCompression stockings/socks are no use to you sitting in your sock drawer. If you are going to invest in compression gear, wearing it daily, whether you are on your feet all day, or sitting at your office desk, they will make your legs feel so much better.

3.) Do NOT wear your compression while asleep unless instructed to for surgical purposes.


Unless you get specific instructions from your provider to wear your compression gear while you are asleep, it is not good for you to wear them when your feet and your heart are at the same level.  Compression works to pump the blood back up to your heart to help work against gravity and increase circulation in your body, this is unnecessary when you are not working against gravity.

4.) Don’t settle; there are options!

Think about the colors, the patterns, the comfort of the different choices available to you!  Why settle for the drugstore brand compression stockings that will be itchy, lose their compression faster, and leave you wishing you never bought them, when you could find a pair that complements you and makes your legs sing with joy!

5.) Remember to love your body and give it the help it needs.




Got Varicose Veins? Spider Veins?

50% of women.  25% of men.  What do the two of these groups have in common?  Both of them suffer from vein and women

What is vein disease?

According to Morrison Vein Institute, “veins are supposed to pump the blood in the legs back to the heart. But with vein disease, also referred to as venous insufficiency, the blood cannot get pumped back up to the heart properly causing blood pooling and a cascade of events over time” (Vein Disease Equals Varicose and Spider Veins article). Spider veins and varicose veins are symptoms of vein disease. There are actions that can be taken to minimize the effects of vein disease such as wearing compression stockings/socks, exercising regularly, and having a vein doctor treat your veins.

Learn more about preventative care by clicking on the article below!


Vein Disease Equals Varicose and Spider Veins


The All About Compression Challenge

new year new you

Happy New Year!  Better yourself and your health this year with the All About Compression Challenge!  This challenge will help improve your health, wellness and happiness with five easy steps.

1.) Start your day out fresh every morning by going for a walk or run around your neighborhood and enjoy the fresh air.


2.)Elevate your legs after working out and during prolonged sitting to help with blood flow and circulation.

3.) Wear graduated compression socks or stockings to aid in the prevention of blood clots, swelling, aching, cramping, and/or restless legs.  Compression stockings increase your circulation and blood flow just like exercise!


4.) Review your eating habits with a nutritionist/dietician/physician and ask about setting up a diet plan that is right for your body.

5.) Your leg health is very important, so go see a doctor about your veins.  50% of women and 25% of men, by the time they are 50 years of age, have vein problems.  Visit your doctor today and ensure you are maintaining healthy legs.


Healthy lifestyle choices are investments for the future!  Start this year off the right way and try the All About Compression Challenge!

How does compression help with Edema?


What is Edema?

Compression is used by patients that suffer from a condition known as Edema.  Edema is the result of an accumulation of fluid under the skin and most of the time affects the circulation in a person’s lower legs, ankles, and feet, causing obvious swelling.

How does compression work?

The use of compression stockings, sleeves, and athletic socks helps increase blood flow by applying pressure to the lower legs, providing a firm grip on the ankles, and decreases the pressure as it progresses up the leg.

Who uses compression stockings?

A myriad of people use compression to help them treat their case of Edema.  Edema is caused by several different factors such as:

  • Varicose veins
  • Sports injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Surgery
  • Sitting or standing for prolonged period

If you suffer from swelling in your lower legs, ankles or feet, talk to your doctor about compression stockings.


Should EVERYONE Wear Compression Stockings?

Graduated compression stockings/socks would be beneficial for you if…

1) You Travel

2) Are pregnant

3) Have history of blood clots

4) Suffer from varicose veins

5) Battle swelling in your ankles and/or feet

6) Have diabetes


7) have lymphedema

If you fall into any of these categories, graduated compression stockings would help you. They increase circulation and help pump the blood back up towards your heart like your veins are supposed to do. Graduated compression socks/stockings help reduce swelling in your feet and ankles, prevent blood clots, and slow the progression of varicose veins.

So, the answer is yes. Everyone, at some point in their lives, would benefit from graduated compression stockings.

The best part is…they come in hundreds of colors and styles now, so they don’t have to look like compression stockings. Check out our store online for all the options

Sheer compression stockings  argyle compression socksJuzo spring summer colors 2015 microfiber mens knee highs



Are You a Doctor Who Treats Veins? We Can Help

compliance issuesAre you having compliance issues when it comes to patients wearing compression stockings? Are you constantly hearing complaints about compression stockings? Can you imagine if your patients actually liked wearing their compression stockings? Compliance would go way up and their results from vein treatment would be a whole lot better. Then you would be happy and the patient would be too.

With the proper size and type of garment, graduated compression stockings can be comfortable. They also can be fashionable; yes we said fashionable. Several of the compression stocking manufacturers have figured out the perfect combination of comfort and fashion. There are so many more options for patients to choose from now, that everyone should be able to find something that fits their lifestyle and body.

Graduated compression garments come in knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose, leggings and shorts. There is everything from argyle socks to sheer knee highs to men’s trouser-looking thigh highs to tie dye pantyhose that look like tights and everything in between. Provide your patients with all of these options or a place like our store that does, and you will be a hero!

argyle socks 20140918-091237.jpgMen's thigh highs Fashionable Compression  compression shortsTie dye compression pantyhose